Parallel Grantmaking

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We practice a parallel grantmaking strategy, directly building projects that increase renewable energy and decrease emissions while also funding advocacy groups fighting for bigger, systemic changes.

We have two parallel strategies for climate grantmaking: project-based and what we call “move the needle” funding. The world is facing an existential climate crisis and we need massive changes at all levels. This calls for investment in the people, policies, organizations, researchers, companies, and other groups that might be able to move the needle in a big way to address the global crisis. We believe philanthropy should take risks and focus on funding organizations that can potentially create the bold changes we need for a zero carbon future.

In the meantime, however, the world has been told that we’re running out of time to prevent the worst effects of climate change. With that in mind, we spend approximately half our grantmaking budget on projects that directly build renewable energy or reduce or mitigate carbon emissions, such as building solar projects and providing electric vehicle loans to low-income buyers. We track the cumulative impact of our projects over time and hope to inspire others to invest in similar ways.

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