Place-Based Granting and Investing

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We practice place-based granting and investing in San Diego and the broader southern California region for three reasons: Collaboration, Community, and Leadership

  • Collaboration– we often create deep partnerships and support them in more ways than just financially by practicing the philanthropic idea of giving time, treasure, and talent. We work with our partners to build programs, we offer our own time and skillsets, and we try to foster increased communication and collaboration between grantees and funders in our region. This type of partnership is much stronger when it is place-based and stakeholders can more easily work together over time.
  • CommunitySan Diego is our home and we want to help create a more sustainable and equitable community.
  • LeadershipSan Diego is a leader in creating policy to address climate change.  We were one of the first cities to create an ambitious climate action plan that was legally binding. We believe that cities are labs that can create and pilot diverse strategies to reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of renewable energy. We want San Diego to continue to be a leader that develops and enacts policies and strategies that can create a ripple effect for other regions throughout the country and the world

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