The Center for Climate Integrity says carbon polluters (spoiler alert- it’s Exxon) should pay

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New analysis, The Price Tag of Rising Seas, shows Americans the cost for seawalls in the next twenty years: over $4 Billion
The Center for Climate Integrity (CCI), a BQuest grantee, released a first of its kind analysis on the costs US coastal communities will face due to rising seas.  The analysis estimates the costs of sea walls and other mitigation tactics in the near-future and found that rising sea levels alone will cost the United States $416 billion over the next two decades.  More than 130 counties face at least $1 billion in costs, and 14 states will see expenses of $10 billion or greater between now and 2040.

Who Should Pay?
The study is intended to bring into sharp relief the imposing costs that (as of now) will fall entirely on taxpayers and local governments. Without help, cities and counties are left with 3 unsustainable options: raise taxes, slash funding from existing public services, or retreat and abandon communities as these costs continue to balloon.  Meanwhile, the oil and gas industry — who demonstrably knew for decades that their products would lead to climate change — contribute nothing to help protect communities.  CCI works to raise awareness of these mitigation costs and bring about successful litigation against climate polluters to force them to pay their fair share of damages they knowingly caused.

A snapshot of media coverage about the analysis:

How you can be involved:

  • Use the climate costs webpage to search for sea wall mitigation costs by state, county, or congressional district
  • Listen to the critically acclaimed Drilled podcast about the fossil fuel industries’ decades-long campaign of climate change denial, supported in part by CCI

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