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Charity:water, a BQuest grantee organization focused on bringing clean water to developing countries, is on track to have their biggest fundraising year ever- around $80 million- partly thanks to implementing a subscription-based donation option several years ago that has grown to include 40,000 active subscribers.  This translates to helping almost 2 million people gain access to clean water this year alone!  Charity:water has also set an ambitious goal of providing access to fresh water for an additional 25 million people by 2025 by massively growing their subscription base through a variety of strategies.

Charity:water also debuted a new program this year, dubbed The Pool, where company founders, VCs, and private equity firms can donate stock and assets.  Twenty percent of the equity donations will be shared with the employees of charity:water, with an aim to help hire and retain quality talent– which most nonprofits can agree is a struggle when competing with for-profit companies.

The climate/clean water connection

To date, charity:water has funded more than 44,000 projects that serve more than 10 million people.  This translates into saving women and children more than 10 BILLION hours of time (or 11.5 million years!) that would have otherwise been spent walking to and from dirty water sources to haul water back to their homes and villages.  Project Drawdown lists educating women and girls as the #6 top strategy that the world can use to address climate change. When women and girls have more time and good health to invest in their families, their community, and themselves (education), they have fewer children and create more sustainable and stable communities.  
 More about The Pool and how charity:water borrows strategies from start-ups, setting it apart from many traditional non-profits:
How you can be involved:

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