Impact Investing And Fossil Fuel Divestment

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We believe that all assets of a foundation can be used in support of the mission. While foundations typically grant 5% of there assets each year, we seek to leverage the entire corpus of investments in a way that is supportive of our mission. We use a variety of grantmaking strategies and types of investments and investment strategies to accomplish this: The grantmaking/investment continuum: Traditional Grantmaking– We make grants while… Read More »Impact Investing And Fossil Fuel Divestment

SunForAll Solar Fund

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BQuest is partnering with Collective Sun to create the SunForAll solar fund for installing discounted rooftop solar on San Diego-area nonprofits. Because of their tax status, nonprofits are not able to take advantage of tax breaks offered to for-profit organizations for installing solar panels on their buildings. Through a creative financing approach that helps the non-profit take advantage of solar tax incentives, and then using a combination of a grant… Read More »SunForAll Solar Fund