De Anza College E-Bikes Program

De Anza College E-Bike Program




YEAR 2023


The Project

De Anza College believes that distance shouldn't be an obstacle in having access to a quality education. To solve this issue, De Anza College has been working tirelessly since 2021 to revive their bike program and have added 43 e-bikes to their fleet to make students' travels easier and to aid them in their academic journey at De Anza College. Over 25% of De Anza College students are first-generation college attendees, and in 2022, over 70% of students lived outside of the Cupertino and Sunnyvale area—the immediately adjacent cities. Worrying about how to get to class shouldn't be what stops a student from achieving their academic best. E-bikes offer a reliable way for students to focus on what matters most.

What They Are Saying

"Our dedicated Environmental Sustainability Committee has tirelessly worked since 2021 to revive the Bike Program, which was unfortunately halted during the pandemic. Through perseverance and collective effort, we have reached a significant milestone. Not only do we now have a fully operational bike program, but we have also introduced the exciting addition of lending e-bikes to our students. I want to express our sincere appreciation for the generous donation, which kickstarted the e-bike project. Our Committee established a points-based system to prioritize deserving students for e-bike loans. We asked students a series of questions and allocated points based on their responses. Priority was given to students who are part of various programs, such as DSS (Disabled Student Services), EOPS (Extended Opportunity Program), HEFAS (Program for Undocumented Students), Guardian Scholars (Program for Foster Youth), Veteran Services, and other cohort programs. We also considered students' campus involvement, club memberships, alternative means of transportation, distance from campus, and intended use of the e-bikes. As we celebrate this accomplishment, I envision the bike program expanding in the future to serve an even larger portion of our student body.”

- Zain Mustafa, Chair of Environmental Sustainability, De Anza College Student Government

The Impact



Carbon Equivalencies


Estimated miles traveled by students in one school year