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SunForAll Program Funds Over $4 Million of Solar Projects for San Diego Area Nonprofits

Now in its second round, the ​SunForAll Solar Fund​ has awarded funding to five additional nonprofit organizations for a combined $4,132,640 of solar projects in San Diego! How we help nonprofits SunForAll is a unique solar financing program for nonprofits created by CollectiveSun and lead investor BQuest Foundation. SunForAll makes going solar easy and affordable with an innovative… Read More »SunForAll Program Funds Over $4 Million of Solar Projects for San Diego Area Nonprofits

Hacking for Climate

And now for something a little different in climate funding… BQuest is supporting a series of climate hackathons culminating in a data competition later this year with CDP, the global environmental disclosure non-profit. BQuest’s resident nerd, Andy, has a long and storied participation in hackathons, and helped spearhead this effort to hack for a cause! When you hear about… Read More »Hacking for Climate

SunForAll, Open for Business

We’re very happy to announce that SunForAll, our solar financing program for nonprofits in partnership with Collective Sun, is officially open and accepting applications! Because of their tax status, nonprofits are not able to take advantage of tax breaks offered to for-profit organizations for installing solar panels on their buildings. Through a creative financing approach,… Read More »SunForAll, Open for Business

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