Hacking for Climate

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And now for something a little different in climate funding… BQuest is supporting a series of climate hackathons culminating in a data competition later this year with CDP, the global environmental disclosure non-profit.

When you hear about a company’s reported carbon emissions, or investors focusing on corporate sustainability, it’s probably information that was initially reported through CDP. 

Globally, over 8,400 companies representing more than 50% of global market capitalization disclose environmental data through CDP, in addition to 920 cities, states, and regions around the world. By leveraging investor power, CDP motivates companies to disclose and manage their environmental impact. Each year, CDP takes the information supplied in its annual reporting process and scores companies and cities to incentivize action on climate change, forests, and water security, making CDP’s platform one of the world's richest sources of information on how companies and governments are driving environmental change. However, CDP’s data remains underutilized due to the growing volume and complexity of data available.

That’s where the hackathon series and data competition come in! It’s a chance for data scientists and developers to get hands-on with CDP’s data, identify opportunities within the data and across other datasets, derive insights, and build new tools and visualizations to unlock new potential from this information. For participants, it’s an opportunity to work in teams to apply data science to real world climate problems. The next hackathon takes place July 20th-27th, and registration is now open with $4,500 in cash prizes!

SunForAll Blazing Ahead

Sorry, we’ll stop with the solar puns one of these days… Check out our partner Collective Sun’s new video, featuring our solar installation currently going up at Vista Community Clinic:

Those solar panels sure do look good!

SunForAll is still accepting applications from non-profit organizations interested in generous solar financing, but this round of funding will be closing shortly. We’ve already had a number of amazing organizations apply and we’re excited to continue to help get solar projects underway to reduce carbon emissions and help non-profit sustainability!

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