SunForAll Solar Fund


Vista Community Clinic Solar Installation in Vista, CA

The SunForAll Solar Fund is a unique nonprofit solar financing program that provides funding for nonprofits that want to use solar energy to increase social and economic equity and reduce their environmental impact. Created by CollectiveSun and BQuest Foundation, SunForAll helps nonprofits access the benefits that come with solar energy so they are better able to focus on their programs and services while reducing their fossil fuel consumption.

A Solar Endowment

SunForAll Solar Fund makes solar for nonprofits easy and affordable by monetizing solar tax credits and using an innovative investment structure consisting of a Program Related Investment (PRI) consisting of a low-interest loan to fund 100% of the costs of the installation. By going solar, nonprofits can significantly lower their operating costs and lock in energy savings for many years. By increasing the long-term financial stability for nonprofits while also making an impact on climate sustainability, SunForAll creates a Solar Endowment.

How It Works

In addition to funding 100% of the costs of the solar installation, loan payments are not due until after construction is complete and the system is operating and generating savings. The goal of the program is that a nonprofit’s first loan repayment is less than their previous utility bill. Over time as the loan is fully repaid, many of our nonprofit participants in SunForAll are projected to have net savings that are 10x the cost of the installation over a 25-year period (the expected lifetime of a solar installation).

SunForAll also incorporates technical assistance at each step of the process, including soliciting and comparing installer bids and ensuring the system is correctly built.

Who We Serve

SunForAll focuses on funding projects for nonprofits that serve marginalized and underserved communities to increase the impact of the solar savings. While many of our projects have been located in San Diego County, we accept applications from all over the country. Each of our participating nonprofits are saving on operating expenses that can be redirected towards their mission of serving their communities. They will also be able to help increase the use of renewable energy in their region and demonstrate its value, especially for the communities that stand to benefit the most from cleaner, more affordable energy.

SunForAll Projects

Nonprofit organizations that have completed installation:


Nonprofits that are currently in permitting and construction:

  • San Diego Center for Children in San Diego, CA
  • United Way of San Diego in San Diego, CA
  • San Diego Jewish Community Center in San Diego, CA